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Wherever your generator sets are, our worldwide service agents and distributors can at all time provide you with the most prompt, professional, technical consultancy and services. Correct operation in accordance with operating manual, operators should also need to conduct regular inspection, adjustment and cleaning of all parts for smooth running and maintaining for the long service life of the machine. In addition, regular maintenance and repair is beneficial to preventing all the parts from early tear and wear. 

As a Tide Power distributor, You can rely on the following quality assurance: - Supplying qualified Alanta Power generator sets;
- Offering complete technical support, including installation guidance, repair and maintenance services,commissioning guidance etc;
- Adequate products and spare parts supply;
- Professional training and troubleshooting for technical staff;
- Online support for parts ordering and availability., a whole set of parts solution;
- Online technical support provides video training for product installation, replacement of parts, as well as operation and maintenance guidance;
- Establishment of a complete customer file and product file;
- Genuine spare parts supply.

Note: Quick-wear parts, fast consuming parts and any mistakes that arise from man-made faulty operations, negligent maintenance and inability to operate and maintain conformity with operation and maintenance instructions, are not covered within the warranty coverage. 

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