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Gas Energy Solution

Generator Sets for Data Centers
How long is ten seconds? The sixth part of a minute, socially acceptable perhaps if you arrive a little late for a date, but an eternity if you're waiting for an ambulance. How many shares change hands in the Stock Exchange in just ten seconds? How many trains are missed! Ten seconds are perfectly acceptable when we're in a queue at a till in a supermarket, but totally unacceptable when we're waiting for a page to load when we're browsing through an online store.
The energy has to stay on!
If a server crashes because of a simple power failure, the entire company may well be paralyzed and those few innocent minutes of outage can cause substantial economic losses. The major e-commerce companies are leading the way in the search for solutions to this important problem: How can we ensure an infallible supply of energy that does not place at risk the huge amount of data they need to do their work. No wonder therefore, that major international e-commerce companies have been busy arming themselves with powerful generator sets so they can have an emergency power supply that won't let them down in the event of any manner of grid failure, no matter how remote such a possibility may be. The energy has to stay on!

The energy generation industry has adapted itself to the idiosyncrasies of these installations with generator sets that are specifically designed for Data Centers and are sized in accordance with the DCC (Data Centre Continuous) power declaration, and that comply with the regulations that govern them. The Uptime Institute is the internationally recognized body that specifies and certifies how the installations of a Data Center should be designed.

It classifies them in four different levels, according to their availability: Tier I, II, III, IV. The factor that determines whether a facility is in one level or another is precisely the number of continuous supply sources and the number of emergency supply sources that are available.
The more critical and vital the data that is stored in a Data Processing Centre (DPC), the more reliable the electricity supply that feeds it has to be. That is why the TIDE POWER generator sets that are employed in these projects are able to incorporate a redundant start-up system, whether electric and hydraulic or electric and pneumatic, that provides a 100% engine start-up guarantee. 

Synco-gensets and parallel with mains grid. With ATS system and remote cooling radiator.

Synco-gensets & parallel with mains power outpower for Farm. Emergency standby ATS system when mains power failed.

In June 2014, our service engineer was in Burma for the purpose of taking part in the installation and testing of the genset for our client.

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